Costa Cruises Ships by Size, Age and Class (Updated 2022)

Costa Toscana
Costa Toscana

Costa Cruises has an active fleet of twelve ships with no other ships on order currently.

The fleet primarily conducts voyages for Italian passengers out of Italy and Western Europe.

In this guide, we will cover all the different ships in the Costa Cruises fleet and how they compare to each other.

Introduction to Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises was founded back in 1854 and whilst now they are a fully owned subsidiary of Carnival Corporation (alongside Holland American Line, P&O Cruises and others) they initially started off as a shipping line that operated cargo ships.

Giacomo Costa set up the original business and in 1924 passed it on to his three sons who eventually started passenger services in 1948.

The first voyages were between Italy and South America on the ship Anna C. These voyages were not the same sort of cruises on offer as today, they were regular ocean liner voyages like between Southampton and New York.

It wasn’t until 1959 that the company started offering the more familiar cruise voyages in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean regions.

Finally, in 1964 their first purpose-built cruise ship was delivered and they soon had twelve ships in the fleet by 1980 – at the time, the world’s largest fleet of passenger services.

In 1986 the company renamed itself Costa Cruises and it was partly acquired by Carnival Corporation and a partner (Airtours) in 1997, before being fully owned by Carnival in 2000.

The company is most infamous for the sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the island of Isola del Giglio in January 2012.

Thirty-two passengers were unfortunately lost in the disaster and the Captain (Francesco Schettino) was imprisoned for his role in the event.

Costa Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Costa Cruises is performing a gradual restart of its fleet. Working from their newest ships back to their oldest ships in the fleet.

Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda are both twin-sister ships and identical in size at 185,101 GRT and able to carry 6,554 passengers each.

Costa Luminosa is the smallest ship in the Costa Cruises fleet. It is just 92,600 GRT and carries a maximum of 2,826 passengers.

Costa Fortuna is the oldest ship in the fleet. It entered service in 2003.

Costa Toscana is the newest ship in the fleet. It was built in 2021 but only entered service in early 2022.

Costa is well known for its ‘Italian style’ – which is a very lively, glitzy and glamorous style of cruise ship design. Just like the lovely Italian people!

Yes, it was acquired partly in 1997 before being fully acquired by Carnival Corporation in 2000.

Whilst the international language of seafarers is English, Costa Cruises is primarily an Italian-speaking cruise line. There are dedicated English-speaking crew, but most announcements will be in Italian.

Costa Cruise Ships by Size (from largest to smallest)

Ship NameTonnage (GRT)Passengers (Max)LengthDecks
Costa Toscana185,0106,5541,105ft / 337m20
Costa Smeralda185,0106,5541,105ft / 337m20
Costa Firenze135,3005,2601,062ft / 324m18
Costa Venezia135,2255,2601,062ft / 324m18
Costa Pacifica114,5003,780952ft / 290m17
Costa Fascinosa114,5003,780952ft / 290m17
Costa Serena114,1473,700952ft / 290m17
Costa Diadema132,5004,9271,003ft / 306m17
Costa Favolosa113,2163,780952ft / 290m17
Costa Fortuna102,6693,470893ft / 272m13
Costa Deliziosa92,7202,828964ft / 294m16
Costa Luminosa92,6002,826962ft / 293m16

What does ‘Tonnage (GRT)’ mean?

GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage) is a term used to calculate the volume inside a ship. It is a measure of cubic capacity and is calculated by the total volume from inside the hull and decks of the ship. 1 GRT = 100 cubic feet of space. In essence, the bigger the GRT – the more ‘space’ the ship has for passengers, cargo, etc.

How are ‘Passengers (Max)’ calculated?

You’ll see multiple numbers for passengers on ships – this is because many ships include extra beds in cabins (such as the sofa/couch can convert to a pull-out bed) – but the majority of cabins usually have 2 people in them. the ‘Max’ number is if every cabin used their additional pull-out bed, etc. This number is unlikely to be reached very frequently.

Costa Cruise Ships by Age (from newest to oldest)

Ship NameBuiltRefurbished
Costa Toscana2021-
Costa Firenze2020-
Costa Smeralda2019-
Costa Venezia2019-
Costa Diadema2014
Costa Fascinosa2012
Costa Favolosa20112018
Costa Deliziosa2010
Costa Pacifica20092017
Costa Luminosa20092017
Costa Serena2007
Costa Fortuna20032014

Are all Costa Cruise Ships new builds?

Whilst all of the current Costa Cruises ships have been purpose-built for the cruise line, a majority of them share the same blueprint class as some of the other Carnival Corporation brands, such as Princess, P&O Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line.

Costa Fortuna for example is identical to Carnival Triumph and Carnival Victory, having been built by the same shipyard to the same specifications, but then fitted out with the Costa Cruise style and branding.

Costa Cruise Ships by Class (from newest to oldest)

Ship NameClass
Costa FortunaDestiny-Class
Costa SerenaConcordia-Class
Costa PacificaConcordia-Class
Costa FavolosaModified Concordia-Class
Costa FascinosaModified Concordia-Class
Costa LuminosaHybrid Atlantic/Vista-Class
Costa DeliziosaHybrid Atlantic/Vista-Class
Costa DiademaModified Dream-Class
Costa VeneziaModified Vista-Class
Costa FirenzeModified Vista-Class
Costa SmeraldaExcellence-Class
Costa ToscanaExcellence-Class

Several of the classes share sister ships under Carnival Corporation, these include:

  • Costa FortunaCarnival Triumph and Carnival Victory
  • Costa Venezia – Cunard’s Queen Victoria and P&O Cruises Arcadia
  • Costa Smeralda – P&O Cruises Iona and Carnival’s Mardi Gras

Final Thoughts

Costa Cruises is a very popular Italian line with Italians and international passengers.

Their Italian flair shows through with the bright, glitzy feel of their ships and the large range of different onboard pasta dishes!

More recently their ships have added 4D Cinemas, roller-skating tracks and freshly produced Mozeralla onboard.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Check out some of the other guides in this series which include MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

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