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    Celebrity Cruises

    Celebrity Cruises
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    Celebrity Cruises

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    [list style=”arrow-right”] [su_li]Headquarters: Miami, Florida, USA[/su_li] [su_li]Founded: 1989[/su_li] [li]Ships: 10[/li] [li]Type: Ocean cruises[/li] [li]Style: Premium[/li] [li]Website: https://www.celebritycruises.com/[/li] [/list]
    Celebrity Cruises

    General information

    Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1989 by the Greece-based Chandris Group. The symbol “X” in the Celebrity Cruises logo is the Greek letter Chi for “Chandris”. This also pays homage to the original founder of the shipping company Chandris Lines, Anthony Chandris.

    In 1997 the Chandris family owners sold Celebrity Cruises to Royal Caribbean International. Since 1997 Celebrity Cruises has developed a reputation within the industry as one of the world’s premium cruise operators. Celebrity Cruises consistently delivers a high quality cruise experience, with luxury accommodation, contemporary design, award-winning dining and a high level of on-board service by its crew.

    Celebrity Cruises offers passengers a worldwide itinerary of sophisticated destinations. Each destination has been specially selected to offer guests a unique experience from some of the most awe-inspiring views of the world.

    With four different classes, discover comfort, dining and activities that have been uniquely designed with passenger’s relaxation and comfort in mind. Each of the 11 cruise ships in the Celebrity Cruises fleet is fitted with modern conveniences of the highest standard surrounded by stunning spaces designed by some of the world’s most famous architects and interior designers.

    Celebrity Cruises as well as offering a luxury; modern cruise experience to passengers is committed to the improvement and maintenance of the world’s environment and local communities. Off-setting the impact cruising can have by pledging support and initiatives to specific environmental programmes.

    In 2001 the Celebrity Expeditions sub-brand was launched following the acquisition of Celebrity Xpedition. The intimate, luxury ship offers a once in a life time opportunity to visit the beautiful Galápagos Islands.

    With the emphasis on luxury service, Celebrity Cruises on-board crew number 1 to every 2 passengers in ratio. A cruise on-board a Celebrity Cruises ship is described as an unforgettable experience. From the moment you book, Celebrity Cruises make every effort to ensure your holiday is truly unique and memorable.

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    Who is it for?

    Luxury travellers, unique ship activities
    Smaller budget or casual travellers