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Your guide to drinks on MSC Magnifica

Welcome another guide on MSC Magnifica. In this guide, we’ll talk about the drinks and packages and the room service available on the ship. (If you missed it, our entire 14-night live-blog from our cruise is available to catch up on!).

MSC Magnifica Gelato selection
MSC Magnifica Gelato selection

Drink prices in your cabin

This information is correct as of July 2018 – please note not all bars on the ship sell all the below drinks.

Minibar contents and pricing

There is a minibar in every MSC Magnifica cabin and suite. You can ask your cabin steward to replace any items that have run out or they will be automatically replaced each day, you can also ask your cabin steward to remove all the drinks if you don’t wish to purchase any and instead the minibar to store some of your own drinks. The minibar isn’t auto-charging, you have to write down what you have had on a small order form which can be found in your cabin.

Minibar Pricing

Beverage / ItemMeasurementPrice
Gin5cl bottle€ 5.70
Vodka5cl bottle€ 5.70
Whisky5cl bottle€ 5.70
Fruit juice20cl bottle€ 2.90
Sodas33cl can€ 2.90
Ice tea33cl carton€ 2.90
Still water50cl bottle€ 1.70
Still water100cl bottle€ 2.90
Sparkling water50cl bottle€ 1.70
Sparkling water100cl bottle€ 2.90
Heineken33cl bottle€ 4.90
Beck’s33cl bottle€ 4.90
Peanuts1 bag€ 2.70
Chocolate covered peanuts1 bag€ 2.70
Mixed nuts1 bag€ 2.70
Chips1 tube€ 3.80
Minibar Pricing

A 15% service charge is added to all purchases from your minibar. Drinks from the minibar are not included with the All-Inclusive drinks package but they are included with the All-Inclusive Deluxe drinks package.

Drinks from around the ship

MSC Magnifica has many bars (see our Food and Drink guide) – below is a list of drinks available from most bars. Smoothies, slushies, milkshakes and gelatos can all be found at La Barchetta Bar on Deck 13.

Drinks marked with a * are not included with the All-Inclusive Standard drinks package. They are included with the All-Inclusive Deluxe drinks package or available to purchase without any package. Drinks marked with a ** are not available on any package and must be purchased separately.

Alcoholic drinks

Aperol Spritz stand on MSC Magnifica
Aperol Spritz stand on MSC Magnifica

Beer and Ciders

Beverage / ItemMeasurementPrice
Draught beer20cl€ 2.95
40cl€ 4.95
Bottled Beers
Heineken33cl€ 4.90
Amstel Light33cl€ 4.90*
Sol33cl€ 4.90*
Stella Artois33cl€ 4.90*
Budweiser33cl€ 4.90*
Beck’s33cl€ 4.90*
San Miguel33cl€ 4.90*
Nastro Azzurro33cl€ 4.90*
Newcastle Brown Ale33cl€ 4.90*
Franziskaner50cl€ 5.50*
Strongbow33cl€ 4.90*
Alcohol-free beer
Heineken 0.033cl€ 4.50
Radler / Panaché
Draught beer, lemonade20cl€ 2.95
40cl€ 4.95

Wines and Champagnes

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label€ 63.00*
Moet & Chandon€ 60.00*
White wines
Vermentino Canayli DOCG “Cantina Gallure”€ 5.50*€ 25.00*
Riesling Mosel “Dr. Loosen”€ 5.50*€ 25.00*
Sauvignon Friuli DOC “Tenuta Villanova”€ 5.50*€ 25.00*
Pinot Grigio DOC “Le Vigne di Zamò”€ 5.00*€ 23.00*
Chardonnay Friuli Borgo Tesis DOC “Fantinel”€ 4.50*€ 19.00*
Rosé Wine
Bardolino Chairetto Classico DOC “Casetto”€ 4.50*€ 19.00*
Red wines
Regale Rosso Toscana IGT “Andreucci”€ 5.50*€ 25.00*
Cabernet Sauvignon “Woodbridge”€ 5.50*€ 25.00*
Barón de Pardo Crianza DOCA “Bodegas Nava-Rioja”€ 5.00*€ 23.00*
Nero d’Avola IGT “Baglio di Grisi”€ 5.00*€ 23.00*
Chianti Leonardo DOCG “Dalle Vigne”€ 5.00*€ 22.00*
Merlot Friuli Borgo Tesis DOC “Fantinel”€ 4.50*€ 19.00*
Flûte of sparkling wine
Cuvée Extra Dry “Borgo Molino”€ 5.00
Cuvée Dolce “Borgo Molino”€ 5.00
Wines by the glass
The Sommelier has a selection of two whites, two reds and one rosé.€ 5.00


Mixers are an additional € 1.50

Absolut€ 5.30
SKYY€ 5.30
Stolichnaya€ 5.30
Smirnoff€ 5.30
Moskovskaya€ 5.00
Tovaritch€ 5.00
Beefeater€ 5.30
Gordon’s Premium Pink€ 5.30
Gordon’s Dry€ 5.00
Bacardi Superior White€ 5.30
Bacardi Black€ 5.30
Bacardi Mango / Limõn / Razz€ 5.30
Havana Club 3 Años€ 5.30
Myers’s€ 5.30
Captain Morgan Spiced€ 5.00
Jose Cuervo Gold€ 5.30
Jose Cuervo Silver€ 5.30
Cognac & Brandy4cl
Martell VS€ 5.90
Cardinal Mendoza€ 5.50
Metaxa *****€ 5.50
Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera€ 5.50
Whisky & Whiskey4cl
Johnnie Walker Red Label€ 5.50
Jameson Irish€ 5.50
J&B€ 5.50
Canadian Club€ 5.30
Ballantine’s Finest€ 5.30
Ballantine’s Brasil€ 5.30
Jim Beam White Label€ 5.00
Bell’s€ 5.00
Grappa & Aquavitae4cl
Grappa Montanaro La Branda (white)€ 4.90
Grappa Montanaro La Branda (aged)€ 4.90
Poire Williams€ 4.90
Aalborg Akavit€ 4.90
Kirschwasser€ 4.90

Premium Spirits

Mixers are an additional € 1.50

BeveragePrice (4cl)
Martell VSOP€ 6.90*
Remy Martin VSOP€ 6.70*
Hennessy VS€ 6.50*
Whisky & Whiskey4cl
Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve€ 6.90*
Bowmore 10Y€ 6.90*
Woodford Reserve€ 6.90*
Nikka Japanese Whisky€ 6.90*
Chivas Regal 12Y€ 6.70*
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12Y€ 6.70*
Maker’s Mark€ 6.50*
Jack Daniel’s Old N°7 Brand€ 6.50*
Crown Royal€ 6.00*
Jameson Caskmates€ 6.00*
Grappa Barolo Montanaro€ 6.50*
Grey Goose€ 6.50*
Belvedere€ 6.50*
Ketel One€ 6.25*
Tito’s€ 6.25*
Hendrick’s€ 7.00*
Bombay Sapphire€ 6.25*
Tanqueray N°TEN€ 6.25*
Aviation€ 6.25*
Bacardi 8 Años€ 6.25*
Havana Club 7 Años€ 6.25*

Mixers are an additional € 1.50. None of these drinks is included in any drinks package.

Super Premium Spirits

Remy Martin XO€ 12.00**
Armagnac Janneau XO€ 8.90**
The Macallan Select Oak€ 8.90**
Glenmorangie 10Y€ 8.90**
Beluga Noble Vodka€ 8.90**
Absolut Elyx Vodka€ 7.90**
Herradura Reposado Premium Tequila€ 8.25**
Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera€ 8.90**
Ron Zacapa 23Y€ 8.50**

Cocktails and Spritz

MSC Tiki Mule€ 7.00
Molokai Zombie€ 7.00
Electric Iced Tea€ 7.00
King-Kong€ 7.00
Mimosa Blossom€ 5.50
Kir Royal€ 5.50
MSC Bellini€ 5.50
Classic Martini€ 7.00
Cosmopolitan€ 7.00
Daiquiri€ 7.00
Long Island Ice Tea€ 7.00
Mai-Tai€ 7.00
Moscow Mule€ 7.00
Negroni€ 7.00
Black Passion€ 7.00
Cuba Libre€ 7.00
Bloody Mary€ 7.00
Tequila Sunrise€ 7.00
Margarita€ 7.00
Piña Colada€ 7.00
Strawberry Daiquiri€ 7.00
White Russian€ 7.00
Baileys Alexander€ 7.00
Aperol Spritz€ 7.00
Tropical Spritz€ 7.00
Spritz Hugo€ 7.00
Martini Royale€ 7.00
Rosato Mio€ 7.00
Apple Martini Spritz€ 7.00
MSC Wine Cooler€ 7.00

Mojitos and Premium Cocktails

Classic Mojito€ 7.00
Mango Mojito€ 7.00
Aloe Vera Mojito€ 7.00
Razz Mojito€ 7.00
Jameson Mojito€ 7.00
Caipirinha€ 7.00
SKYYpiroska€ 7.00
Premium Cocktails
Mango Tropical Trooper€ 8.00*
MSC Blue-on-Blue€ 8.00*
Chill Passion Caipirinha€ 8.00*
Coco-Loco€ 8.00*
Aviation Fizz€ 8.00*
Lavendar Margarita€ 8.00*


Sweet Liqueurs4cl
Limoncello€ 5.00
Sambuca€ 5.00
Amaretto Disaronno€ 5.00
Kahlua€ 5.00
Malibu€ 5.00
Drambuie€ 5.00
Grand Marnier€ 5.30
Cointreau€ 5.30
Godiva€ 5.30
Baileys Irish Cream€ 5.30
Patron XÓ Cafe€ 5.30
Ruaviejo Licor de Hierbas€ 5.30
Sherry & Port5cl
Sherry Harveys Bristol Cream€ 4.60
Sandeman Ruby Porto€ 4.60
Vecchio Amaro del Capo€ 4.90
Amaro Averna€ 4.90
Fernet Branca€ 4.90
Jägermeister€ 4.90
Amaro Montenegro€ 4.90
Amaro Ramazzotti€ 4.90

Non-alcoholic beverages

MSC Magnifica speciality coffee
MSC Magnifica speciality coffee

Soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral waters

Soft drinks
Sodas33cl€ 2.90
Ice tea33cl€ 2.90
Foutain soft drinks33cl€ 2.50
Fruit juices
Pear, apple, peach, mango, tomato, ACE, apricot20cl€ 2.90
Orange, pineapple, grapefruit, green apple, cranberry20cl€ 2.90
Fresh orange juice20cl€ 3.90
Mineral water
Still or sparkling1l€ 2.90
Still or sparkling50cl€ 1.70

Sundaes and Ice Creams / Gelato

Banana Split€ 5.50*
Strawberry Cup€ 5.50*
Chocolate-Nut Sundae€ 5.50*
Fruit Delight€ 5.50*
Spaghetti al Pomodoro Cup€ 5.50*
Ice Cream (Takeaway)
Small cup€ 2.50
Large cup€ 3.50
Ice cream cone€ 3.50
Soft Ice Cream€ 2.60

Smoothies and Milk shakes

Mango Smoothie€ 5.00
Banana & Strawberry Bliss€ 5.00
Tropical Delight€ 5.00
Berry Smoothie€ 5.00
Milk Shakes
Strawberry Milk Shake€ 5.00
Banana Milk Shake€ 5.00
Nutella Milk Shake€ 5.00
My-Way Milk Shake€ 5.00
Flavoured Slush Drinks€ 2.80

Non-Alcoholic and Kids Cocktails

Non-Alcoholic€ 4.80
Piña Colada Zero€ 4.80
Strawberry Daiquiri Zero€ 4.80
Mojito Zero€ 4.80
Coco Loco Zero€ 4.80
Sea Breeze€ 4.80
Aloha€ 4.80
Magic Island€ 4.80
Dirty Banana Shake€ 4.80
Fruit Smoothie€ 4.80

Speciality Coffees

Espresso€ 1.50
Decaffeinated coffee € 1.50
Double espresso € 2.60
Iced coffee € 1.70
Coffee with whipped cream € 2.00
American-style € 1.50
American-style coffee with milk € 1.90
Barley coffee € 1.60
Ginseng coffee (small) € 1.60
Ginseng coffee (large) € 2.30
Cappuccino € 2.50
Double cappuccino € 3.90
Cappuccino with rice milk / soy milk € 2.50
Caffè latte € 2.50
Caffè corretto € 3.00
Glass of milk € 1.10
Hot tea (Classic, fruit, herbal) € 2.00

Premium Speciality coffees

Coffee Temptations
Marocchino€ 2.90*
Mochaccino€ 4.20*
Latte Caramella€ 4.20*
Frozen Coffee Delights
Vanilla-Choc Cappuccino€ 4.20*
Caramel Coffee Frost€ 4.20*
Choccocino€ 4.20*
Chocolate Indulgence
Classic Chocolate€ 3.30*
Chocolate Zero€ 3.30*
White Chocolate€ 3.30*
After Eight Chocolate€ 3.30*
Nutella Chocolate€ 3.90*
Rocky Road Chocolate€ 3.90*
Spirit Coffees
Irish Coffee€ 5.70*
Baileys Coffee€ 5.70*
Caffè Shakerato€ 3.90*

Drinks packages

MSC Cruises offer some of the best drinks packages in the industry, you can either buy the package before you board (via the MSC Voyage Planner) or whilst on board. However, purchasing the package on board will add a 15% service fee. All drinks packages have to be bought for the duration of the cruise and for each guest in the same cabin (or child package if they are under 18). Packages are not available on sailings of 5 nights or less.

MSC Magnifica Ruby Bar drinks
MSC Magnifica Ruby Bar drinks
All-Inclusive packages
All-Inclusive drink package (adult)per day€ 26.00
All-Inclusive drink package (child)per day€ 12.00
All-Inclusive deluxe drink package (adult)per day€ 50.00
All-Inclusive deluxe drink package (child)per day€ 21.00
Mealtime drinks (adult)per day€ 16.50
Mealtime drinks (child)per day€ 9.00
Beverage packages
Coffee package (15 cappuccinos, espressos or coffee delights)one-off€ 26.00
Beer package (14 beers of your choice)one-off€ 59.00
Soft drink package (14 sodas or fruit juices)one-off€ 34.00
Water package (14 1l bottles of mineral water)one-off€ 27.00

When purchasing a drinks package it is worth working out how many drinks a day you’ll be having whilst in a port. A port-heavy itinerary means you may not get the benefit of having a package compared to pay-as-you-go. However, if you don’t have a package do remember that all drinks on board carry a 15% service fee surcharge on top of the published prices. The prices above may be discounted further on 8 day or more cruises and might be totally different if the ship is in another region. Do check the MSC Cruises website for the latest pricing!

For those that have bought or are planning on buying one of the All-Inclusive packages, you’ll find that when you get on board your cruise card has a small number printed on it – this identifies which drink package you are on to the crew. To purchase a drink you simply order as normal and they run your card through their till and you’ll be presented with a receipt for your drink as normal but it will be zero-related. Some, but not all bars will require you to sign the receipt.

Generally speaking, there is no limit by way of quantity, the time between drinks or anything else – however, the usual standards will apply when serving guests that may have had a bit too much! The drinks package(s) work as soon as you get on, but are not available to use on your disembarkation day.

For the beverages packages, guests are issued with a small voucher booklet and you simply tear off a voucher for each drink you wish to redeem at any bar on the ship.

Room Service

Room service and delivery costs are different depending which experience package you are on:

  • Bella experience guests pay for all room service and a delivery fee for each delivery.
  • Fantastica/Wellness guests pay for all room service but there are no delivery fees, additionally, they also can order breakfast to the room for free each day.
  • Aurea guests have free room service and free delivery at any time.

Room service items

Room service items (1 dish = €3 | 2 dishes = € 5.00)
Garden Vegetable soup
Petals of Prosciutto and Grana Padano cheese
Mozzarella Caprese
Tortilla chips & Salsa Tex-Mex
Mediterranean Salad
Caesar Salad
BBQ Chicken Wrap
Vegetarian Wrap
Sandwiches (1 dish = €3 | 2 dishes = € 5.00)
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
MSC Club sandwich
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Cheese plate
Seasonal fruit plate
Sweet temptations (1 dish = €3 | 2 dishes = € 5.00)
Chocolate Meringue Kisses
Panna Cotta
Fresh fruit basket€ 4.90

Fresh pizza delivered to your cabin

MarinaraTomato, garlic, oregano€ 5
MargheritaTomato, mozzarella, basil€ 6
CapricciosaTomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, black and green olives€ 7
4 StagioniTomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes€ 7
4 FormaggiCheeses: Mozzarella, stracchino, gorgonzola, emmental€ 7
CampanaFresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil€ 9
ToscanaTomato, mozzarella, sausage and pecorino cheese shavings€ 8
CalabreseTomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, bell peppers€ 8
TiroleseMozzarella, cream, Speck ham€ 8
Calzone NapoletanoPizza dough turnover filled with tomato, mozzarella, ham, basil€ 8
Tonno e CipollaFresh tomato, tuna, onion, olives€ 7
MSC StyleClassic pizza with tomato and mozzarella; topped, after the cooking with raw ham, rocket and Parmesan shavings€ 9

All the details in this guide were correct as of July 2018. We hoped you enjoyed this guide of MSC Magnifica! Don’t forget, you can interact with us via Twitter, Facebook or our friendly cruise chat group!

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