Cunard World Voyage 2018: Queen Mary 2 itinerary

Queen Mary 2 in Southampton
Queen Mary 2 in Southampton

Follow Queen Mary 2 on her Cunard World Voyage 2018

Cunard Line’s flagship, Queen Mary 2 is sailing around the world on her annual World Cruise. Below is her scheduled itinerary for the entire 120 nights.

The voyage aboard Queen Mary 2 allows for a full immersion in destinations in Australia and New Zealand. Heading off from Southampton she will first call at the Canary Islands before heading down the coast of South Africa for an overnight call in Cape Town.

After leaving South Africa, she will briefly visit Mauritius before heading over to Australia, there, guests will be able to experience lesser-known places such as Margaret River or Kangaroo Island. Before calling back to Australia she will cross the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, where guests can witness the magnificent scenery of New Zealand’s South Island before moving up the coast to the North Island and visiting the capital, Wellington, followed by the City of Sails, Auckland. She will then pass by the Bay of Islands as she makes her way back to Sydney, Australia.

On departure from Australia, she will visit Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand before heading off to Dubai for an overnight call. She will then pass through the famous Suez Canal and then call popular cruise destinations Rome and Barcelona before heading back to Southampton.

Queen Mary 2 - Cunard World Cruise 2018
Queen Mary 2 – Cunard World Cruise 2018 – M803D

Queen Mary 2 will follow an incredible circuit during her 2018 World Cruise, stretching over 37,000 nautical
miles, visiting 46 different ports in 24 countries with two maiden calls. The majestic scenery of southern
Africa and an extended acquaintance with Australia lie either side of the Indian Ocean, before the
dazzling diversity of Asia illuminates her route towards Arabia, the Mediterranean and home.

You can view a live webcam from Queen Mary 2 for the duration of her voyage.

DateNight #Location
May 10th-Southampton
May 9th120Sea
May 8th119Sea
May 7th118Cadiz, Spain
May 6th117Sea
May 5th116Barcelona, Spain
May 4th115Sea
May 3rd114Civitavecchia, Italy
May 2nd113Naples, Italy
May 1st112Messina Strait
April 30th111Sea
April 29th110Limassol, Cyprus
April 28th109Port Said, Egypt
April 27th108Sea
April 26th107Petra, Jordan
April 25th106Sea
April 24th105Sea
April 23rd104Sea
April 22nd103Sea
April 21st102Sea
April 20th101Sea
April 19th100Dubai, UAE
April 18th99Dubai, UAE
April 17th98Muscat, Oman
April 16th97Sea
April 15th96Sea
April 14th95Cochin, India
April 13th94Sea
April 12th93Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 11th92Sea
April 10th91Sea
April 9th90Phuket, Thailand
April 8th89Langkawi, Malaysia
April 7th88Penang, Malaysia
April 6th87Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 5th86Singapore
April 4th85Sea
April 3rd84Sea
April 2nd83Nha Trang, Vietnam
April 1st82Sea
March 31st81Hong Kong, China
March 30th80Hong Kong, China
March 29th79Sea
March 28th78Sea
March 27th77Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 26th76Sea
March 25th75Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
March 24th74Sea
March 23rd73Singapore
March 22nd72Sea
March 21st71Sea
March 20th70Bali, Indonesia
March 19th69Sea
March 18th68Sea
March 17th67Darwin, Australia
March 16th66Sea
March 15th65Sea
March 14th64Sea
March 13th63Whitsunday Islands, Australia
March 12th62Sea
March 11th61Brisbane, Australia
March 10th60Sea
March 9th59Sydney, Australia
March 8th58Sea
March 7th57Sea
March 6th56Bay of Islands, New Zealand
March 5th55Auckland, New Zealand
March 4th54Tauranga, New Zealand
March 3rd53Sea
March 2nd52Wellington, New Zealand
March 1st51Akaroa, New Zealand
February 28th50Dunedin, New Zealand
February 27th49Milford Sound, New Zealand
February 26th48Sea
February 25th47Sea
February 24th46Sydney, Australia
February 23rd45Sea
February 22nd44Melbourne, Australia
February 21st43Sea
February 20th42Kangaroo Island, Australia
February 19th41Sea
February 18th40Melbourne, Australia
February 17th39Sea
February 16th38Adelaide, Australia
February 15th37Sea
February 14th36Sea
February 13th35Margaret River, Australia
February 12th34Perth, Australia
February 11th33Sea
February 10th32Sea
February 9th31Sea
February 8th30Sea
February 7th29Sea
February 6th28Sea
February 5th27Sea
February 4th26Port Louis, Mauritius
February 3rd25Le Port, Reunion
February 2nd24Sea
February 1st23Sea
January 31st22Sea
January 30th21Sea
January 29th20Port Elizabeth, South Africa
January 28th19Sea
January 27th18Cape Town, South Africa
January 26th17Cape Town, South Africa
January 25th16Sea
January 24th15Walvis Bay, Namibia
January 23rd14Sea
January 22nd13Sea
January 21st12Sea
January 20th11Sea
January 19th10Sea
January 18th9Sea
January 17th8Sea
January 16th7Sea
January 15th6Tenerife, Spain
January 14th5Funchal, Madeira
January 13th4Sea
January 12th3Sea
January 11th2Sea
January 10th1Southampton
Cunard Line's Queen Mary 2 in New York
Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2 in New York previously

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