Cunard World Voyage 2017: Queen Victoria itinerary

Queen Victoria at dusk in the port of Oslo
Queen Victoria at dusk in the port of Oslo

Follow Queen Victoria on her Cunard World Voyage 2017

Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria is sailing around the world on her annual World Voyage. Below is her scheduled itinerary for the entire 120 nights.

Her voyage will take her to 34 different ports across 17 different countries. Her two maiden calls are both in the Amazon – a first for any of the modern-day Cunard ships.

You can also view a live webcam from Queen Victoria for the duration of her voyage.

Cunard World Voyage 2017 - Queen Victoria
Cunard World Voyage 2017 – Queen Victoria
DateNight #Location
February 1st28Sea
January 31st27Sea
January 30th26Sea
January 29th25Sea
January 28th24Macapa
January 27th23Santarem, Brazil
January 26th22Sea
January 25th21Manaus, Brazil
January 24th20Sea
January 23rd19Macapa
January 22nd18Sea
January 21st17Sea
January 20th16Barbados
January 19th15Sea
January 18th14Sea
January 17th13Sea
January 16th12Fort Lauderdale
January 15th11Port Canaveral
January 14th10Sea
January 13th9Sea
January 12th8Hamilton, Bermuda
January 11th7Sea
January 10th6Sea
January 9th5Sea
January 8th4Sea
January 7th3Sea
January 6th2Sea
January 5th1Southampton
May 5thSouthampton
May 4th120Sea
May 3rd119Sea
May 2nd118Sea
May 1st117Ponta Delgada
April 30th116Sea
April 29th115Sea
April 28th114Sea
April 27th113Sea
April 26th112Hamilton, Bermuda
April 25th111Sea
April 24th110Sea
April 23rd109Charleston, South Carolina
April 22nd108Port Canaveral
April 21st107Fort Lauderdale
April 20th106Sea
April 19th105Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
April 18th104Sea
April 17th103Aruba
April 16th102Sea
April 15th101Panama Canal
April 14th100Sea
April 13th99Sea
April 12th98Puerto Quetzal
April 11th97Sea
April 10th96Sea
April 9th95Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
April 8th94Sea
April 7th93Sea
April 6th92Los Angeles
April 5th91Sea
April 4th90San Francisco
April 3rd89San Francisco
April 2nd88Sea
April 1st87Sea
March 31st86Sea
March 30th85Sea
March 29th84Hilo, Hawaii
March 28th83Honolulu, Hawaii
March 27th82Sea
March 26th81Sea
March 25th80Sea
March 24th79Apia, Samoa / X Intl Dateline
March 23rd78Sea
March 22nd77Sea
March 21st76Sea
March 20th75Sea
March 19th74Wellington, New Zealand
March 18th73Akaroa, New Zealand
March 17th72Dunedin, New Zealand
March 16th71Milford / Dusky / Doubtful Sound, New Zealand
March 15th70Sea
March 14th69Sea
March 13th68Melbourne, Australia
March 12th67Wilsons Promontory
March 11th66Sydney, Australia
March 10th65Sydney, Australia
March 9th64Sea
March 8th63Sea
March 7th62Bay of Islands, New Zealand
March 6th61Auckland, New Zealand
March 5th60Sea
March 4th59Sea
March 3rd58Nuku'Alofa
March 2nd57Sea
March 1st56Sea
February 28th55X Intl Dateline
February 27th54Bora Bora
February 26th53Papeete, Tahiti
February 25th52Sea
February 24th51Sea
February 23rd50Pitcairn Islands, Australia
February 22nd49Sea
February 21st48Sea
February 20th47Easter Island, Chile
February 19th46Sea
February 18th45Sea
February 17th44Sea
February 16th43Santiago, Chile
February 15th42Sea
February 14th41Sea
February 13th40Pio X Glacier
February 12th39Amalia Glacier
February 11th38Punta Arenas, Chile
February 10th37Magellan Straits
February 9th36Sea
February 8th35Sea
February 7th34Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 6th33Montevideo, Uruguay
February 5th32Sea
February 4th31Sea
February 3rd30Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
February 2nd29Sea
Cunard Line's Queen Victoria at Sea - Cunard World Cruise 2016
Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria at Sea

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