Cruise Drinks Package Calculator (2022)

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MSC Virtuosa Cabin and Suites Guide

Should you get a drinks package?

The age-old question, asked by nearly everybody who is new (and old!) to cruising.

Of course, there isn’t a default answer – the best we can say is it depends. This is because people cruise for many different reasons, but if you want a totally worry-free cruise with no unexpected large bar bill at the end – then a cruise drinks package is usually the way to go.

We have put together a calculator for you to help you on your way. Just use the sliders to put the approximate number of drinks you may consume each day and with a bit of wizardry, our calculator will tell you what you should do!

How to use the Cruise Drinks Calculator

1. Select Your Cruise Line (currently MSC only)

We will cover all cruise lines that offer drink packages here. Bookmark this page for updates!

2. Enter the Number of Drinks for an Average Day

Take into account port days where you might not be on the ship for as many hours as full sea days! Use the average amount you would drink per day/night

3. Check out the Total Cost and work out what to do

Take into account that the cruise lines charge drink package prices per person and per person.

If you buy your drinks package BEFORE you sail, you will also skip the 15% service fee. If you buy the drinks package onboard, you will pay the fee on the package price.

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We hope this helped you out! If it did, please share it with your friends to make sure they save money too!

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