Norwegian Port of Olden Gets New Tender Jetty

Olden, Norway
Olden, Norway

Olden is well-prepared for the 2019 cruise season with a second jetty now ready to allow tenders to dock in the centre of the village.

This was in preparation for another record year for cruise tourism in Olden with 98 ship calls, and their 165,000 passengers, on the books. The ships will now be able to direct passengers to one of three different but close-by embarkation points.

The port’s slogan, “Raw Wilderness Made Accessible” is very fitting for the destination. The Norwegian port is known not only for its stunning scenery but also the Loen Skylift, one of the world’s steepest cable cars, and it’s proximity to the Briksdal glacier.

Next on the cards for the port is an eventual second cruise pier which will double their capacity.

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