MSC Seashore Aurea Bar preview

MSC Seashore feature preview

MSC Seashore will be the first Seaside-Evo class from MSC Cruises. Built on the same style as MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview. MSC Seashore offers enhanced environmental technologies, more space, extra passenger capacity and new features.

More than 40-percent of the ship has been redesigned or enhanced. The ship will be 16-metres longer than the previous Seaside class and this will make her the longest ship in the MSC fleet.

This addition in length allows an extra 10,000 square metres of additional deck space for an even greater spacious experience.

With an extra 200 cabins – spread between MSC Yacht Club and the rest of the ship, MSC Seashore will be able to carry 5,632 passengers. An increase of over 500 passengers from MSC Seaside or MSC Seaview.

MSC Seashore
MSC Seashore

Ship Specifications

  • Tonnage: 169,400 GRT
  • Passenger: 5,632
  • Crew: 1,648
  • Length: 339m
  • Beam: 41m
  • Cabins: 2,270
  • Maiden Voyage: 13 June 2021

Ship Enhancements

MSC Seashore will keep the same design as her sisters, but certain external elements have been redesigned, this includes a bigger aft pool area which has been an extremely popular feature with both of her previous sister ships.

MSC Seashore Infinity Pool preview
MSC Seashore Infinity Pool preview

There will be two new restaurants one of which will be for passengers travelling with the MSC Aurea Experience who will get their own bar and a dedicated restaurant.

MSC Seashore Aurea Bar preview
MSC Seashore Aurea Bar preview

There will be 20 distinct speciality bars on board MSC Seashore including the new unique Wine Cellar & Tasting Bar.

MSC Seashore Wine Cellar & Tasting preview
MSC Seashore Wine Cellar & Tasting preview

The internal architecture of the ship has been completely redesigned giving it two central meeting points in the middle and forward of the ship. At the rear of the ship, a bigger casino will be available and a new two-deck-high Show Lounge.

MSC Seashore Aft Lounge preview
MSC Seashore Aft Lounge preview

Aside from the main pool on the ship, there will be an enlarged indoor pool and a new interactive waterpark – for guests of all ages.

MSC Seashore Main Pool preview
MSC Seashore Main Pool preview

MSC Seashore will be the third ship in the fleet (after MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa) to also receive the world’s first-virtual personal cruise assistant – ZOE. Available in every cabin – she can help you answer the most common questions about your cruise and help with various bookings.

The ship will offer more suites; 28 more terraced suites, two suites with private whirlpools and the MSC Yacht Club will see two new cabin categories with 41 Deluxe Grand Suites and two Owner’s Suites with private whirlpools.

New cabin designs also include cluster cabins for families that link two or three adjoining cabins and can accommodate a maximum of ten people. A total of 75 cabins for people with disabilities will also be available.

Technical Enhancements

MSC Seashore will benefit from the latest technology enhancements in the maritime industry which include a state-of-the-art Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system which helps reduce nitrogen oxide by 90-percent by advanced emissions control technology. Nitrogen oxide from the engine operations is conducted through a catalyst and is converted into nitrogen and water, both harmless compounds.

She’ll also have Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) systems which allow wastewater from the ship to undergo a comprehensive purification process through a very fine filtration process that transforms the wastewater into near tap-water quality.

The addition of both systems puts the ship into the ‘Baltic Standard’ category of cruise ships, allowing her to operate in regions such as the Baltic and Alaska. She’ll also have shore-to-ship power fitted as standard, allowing her to ‘plugin’ for her power whilst in ports that offer that service.

MSC Seashore’s steel was cut at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy – where both of her older sisters were built and where the future second Seaside-Evo class will also be built shortly.

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