MSC Magnifica 14-night voyage – Full Daily Programs

MSC Magnifica port side in Lisbon

Daily Programs from our voyage

We’ve scanned all of the Daily Programs from our 14-night voyage on board MSC Magnifica.

These are delivered every evening when your cabin is turned down by your cabin steward. If you lose your copy, you can also always pick up a copy from the reception on Deck 5. They are also available in different languages!

The following programs give you an idea of what a voyage onboard MSC Magnifica is really like. Please note that they will change depending on where the ship is going, how long the voyage is and what entertainment crew are onboard. Other things like opening hours and pricing may differ too! (That’s our disclaimer!)

Click on the download link to view it in PDF format.

DateLocationDaily Program
Monday 30th April 2018Southampton, UKDownload
Tuesday 1st May 2018Le Havre, FranceDownload
Wednesday 2nd May 2018At SeaDownload
Thursday 3rd May 2018Leixoes, PortugalDownload
Friday 4th May 2018Lisbon, PortugalDownload
Saturday 5th May 2018Cadiz, SpainDownload
Sunday 6th May 2018Malaga, SpainDownload
Monday 7th May 2018At SeaDownload
Tuesday 8th May 2018La Coruna, SpainDownload
Wednesday 9th May 2018At SeaDownload
Thursday 10th May 2018Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDownload
Friday 11th May 2018At SeaDownload
Saturday 12th May 2018Hamburg, GermanyDownload
Sunday 13th May 2018At SeaDownload
Monday 14th May 2018Southampton, UKDownload
MSC Magnifica Spring 2018 Voyage

In case you missed our live-voyage blog, you can relive it all here!

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