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    Radiance of the Seas

    Radiance of the Seas
    Radiance of the Seas

    Radiance of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International)


    Radiance of the Seas is one of four sisters in the Radiance Class operated by Royal Caribbean Lines UK Ltd. She is the flagship of the Radiance class and with the name “Radiance” she does just that. With more glass décor and finishes than any other Royal Caribbean ship, catch her in the right sunlight and it appears as if Radiance of the Seas is fashioned from diamonds.

    Radiance of the Seas voyages primarily Alaskan waters during the summer season, transferring to the Hawaiian Islands during autumn and then the South Pacific and Australian waters during the winter and spring seasons. With gas-turbine engines operating Radiance of the Seas, as she makes her ocean voyages she does so at more efficient speeds and with far more reduced emissions that other diesel powered vessels, so not only is Radiance sparkling and sheen she is also eco-friendly and green.

    Radiance of the Seas comes packed with signature Royal Caribbean amenities and entertainment features as well as a few new additions…

    Go Brazilian at the Samba Grill, with a huge selection of meat cuts and seafood available from the churrasco grill, served to you by Gaucho Cowboys. Try some authentic Mexican dishes at Rita’s Cantina, this is a vibrant and bright informal restaurant serving spicy food as single dishes or a good place to share larger portion meals between your friends and family.

    The Windjammer Café is the main focal point for informal dining, open all day, feel free to dine whenever you wish at this buffet style restaurant, offering an enormous variety of meals and snacks ideal for family guests.

    A very nice place to visit on a sunny day or sunset early evening is the Seaview Café, this establishment is part outdoor allowing you to take in the glorious sea view whilst tucking into a light snack. Portofino is a Royal Caribbean signature formal dining experience with Italian flair, it’s best to book as early as possible to ensure you and your companions get to taste the exquisite quality of the resident chefs creations. Giovanni’s is again an Italian inspired restaurant, more laid back than Portofino with a family orientated clientele and serving wholesome and hearty portioned Tuscany style meals.

    For something light and fresh in an informal setting any time of the day take a stroll to the Park Café, this indoor yet outdoor diner is a great place to meet new people in a relaxed informal setting whilst enjoying a light meal or snack. Another great place worth a mention if you are travelling with younger passengers is the BoardWalk Dog House, a American style hotdog restaurant serving more hotdogs than you can imagine, it’s the ideal place to take the kids for a light snack.

    The main dining experience on-board Radiance of the Seas is the elegant and stylish Cascades Restaurant, a two tier brightly lit formal restaurant. Menu’s change from day to day although the selection can seem limited this is an enormous restaurant catering to hundreds of people, every day the chefs offer speciality dishes and also cater for vegan, vegetarian and allergy-free options.

    Onboard entertainment comes in variety to suit all cruise passenger tastes, the main theatre onboard being the Aurora where you can catch a musical or show put on by Royal Caribbean staff, often hosting special guests it’s certainly worth a visit at least once so do check the show listing for something to suit you.

    Hollywood Odyssey is the main evening entertainment attraction for many guests, much more so than the Starquest Disco Bar. At Hollywood Odyssey expect some jovial slaughtering of songs past and present when the Karaoke machine is fired up, guests laugh and joke together and the atmosphere at Hollywood’s is always friendly and laid back. Star Quest Disco bar is a better visit during the day time as it makes for a great observation deck.

    Another good place to watch the world go by whilst on your cruise is the signature Viking Crown Lounge, from this vantage point you get a great view over the ship whilst sipping a cocktail or glass of wine. The Quill and Compass pub is a great informal meeting place, whilst you may not spent the entire evening here, it is an accessible place to meet up with fellow guests before your evening begins, it’s also a good place to make new friends.

    For active guests there is a jogging track, half basketball court and gymnasium fully equipped and staffed to cater for all types of athleticism. If you are a beginner, be sure to seek the advice of trainers before using any of the state of the art equipment available. There is (like most Royal Caribbean ships) an outdoor rock climbing wall, not for the faint hearted, but for experienced climbers you will find it easy to scale, that being said there is something quite adventurous and novelty about scaling the wall whilst being at sea, it sure does make an interesting view one you near the top and is a great story to tell your friends.

    Afterwards you may choose to pamper yourself in the African themed Solarium or take a dip in one of the three available on-board pools. There are also three large whirlpools which make a lovely start to the evening perhaps with a glass of champagne before returning to your stateroom (now all relaxed) to get ready for the evenings entertainment.


    Radiance of the seas has more glass per square metre than any other Royal Caribbean ship. In the right light she glistens and ‘radiates’ brightness and warmth. she was also the first ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet to be fitted with gas turbine engines, reducing emissions considerably compared to diesel powered vessels.

    Ship info

    Cruise Line:Royal Caribbean International
    Status:In service
    Ship size:Resort Ship
    Ship class:Radiance
    Sister ships:
    Total crew:859
    Ship length:293.0 m
    Ship beam:32.2 m
    Ship draft:8.5 m
    No. of decks:12
    Service speed:24.0 knots
    Onboard currency:US Dollar
    Registry port:Nassau (Bahamas)
    IMO number:9195195
    Call sign:C6SE7

    Build details

    Build date:2000
    Build cost:Approx £216.9 million GBP
    Entered service:2001