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    MSC Splendida

    MSC Splendida
    MSC Cruises' MSC Splendida

    MSC Splendida (MSC Cruises)


    MSC Spendida is the second of the Fantasia class. She set sail on her maiden voyage on July 4 2009.

    MSC Splendida was initially called MSC Serenata but her name was changed during construction when Raphaela Aponte (owner of MSC), in adoration of the new ships plans, decided she needed a name “to reflect the ship’s beauty and elegance.”


    MSC Splendida’s horn is well-versed in playing a handful of songs such as We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions by Queen and Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.

    She also made a guest appearance in an Indian film, Manmadan Ambu.

    Ship info

    Cruise Line:MSC Cruises
    Status:In service
    Ship size:Large Resort Ship
    Ship class:Fantasia
    Sister ships: None
    Total crew:1,370
    Ship length:333.3 m
    Ship beam:37.9 m
    Ship draft:66.8 m
    No. of decks:14
    Service speed:18.0 knots
    Onboard currency:Euro
    Registry port:Panama (Panama)
    IMO number:9359806
    Call sign:3FZI8

    Build details

    Build date:2007
    Build cost:$550 million USD
    Entered service:March 2009

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