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    MSC Preziosa

    MSC Preziosa
    MSC Cruises' MSC Preziosa

    MSC Preziosa (MSC Cruises)


    MSC Preziosa, the fourth of the Fantasia class, entered service in March. She is identical to her sister MSC Divina.

    Construction onĀ Preziosa initially began in 2010. Originally named Phoenicia, she had been ordered by the Libyan Government’s General National Maritime Transport Corporation. She was to be designed in likeness to MSC’s Splendida and Fantasia. However when civil war broke out in Libya in February 2011, shortly after construction had started, her shipyard voided the contract. In 2012, MSC officially bought the ship and she was launched the next year.


    Plans for Preziosa, under the name Phoenicia, originally included a 120 ton shark aquarium on board!

    Ship info

    Cruise Line:MSC Cruises
    Status:In service
    Ship size:Large Resort Ship
    Ship class:Fantasia
    Sister ships: None
    Total crew:1,388
    Ship length:333.3 m
    Ship beam:37.9 m
    Ship draft:67.7 m
    No. of decks:4
    Service speed:18.0 knots
    Onboard currency:Euro
    Registry port:Panama (Panama)
    IMO number:9595321
    Call sign:3FOA6

    Build details

    Build date:2011
    Build cost:$550 million USD
    Entered service:March 2013

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