MSC Orchestra (MSC Cruises)


MSC Orchestra was the second ship to join the Musica class. She made her debut in 2007.


When MSC Orchestra was built she could at the time only accommodate 2,550 passengers in her 1,275 cabins. After a retrofit, most inside cabins were later upgraded with two bunk beds and therefore she can now accommodate 3,200 passengers

Ship info

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises
Status: In service
Ship size: Large Resort Ship
Ship class: Musica
Sister ships: None
Passengers: 3,223
Staterooms: 1,275
Total crew: 1,054
Ship length: 293.8 m
Ship beam: 32.2 m
Ship draft: 7.8 m
Tonnage: 92,409
No. of decks: 13
Elevators: 13
Service speed: 18.0 knots
Onboard currency: Euro
Registry port: Panama (Panama)
IMO number: 9320099
Call sign: 3EJF3

Build details

Shipyard: Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France
Build date: 2005
Build cost: $480 million USD
Entered service: May 2007


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