MS Marina (Oceania Cruises)


MS Marina is the first Oceania-Class ship and the first new-build ship for the cruise line. Building began in 2009 at Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa. When she set sail in September 2010, she was the largest ship to ever sail for Oceania.


The ship was christened by American television personality, Mary Hart.

Ship info

Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises
Status: In service
Ship size: Mid-size ship
Ship class: Oceania
Sister ships: None
Passengers: 1,258
Staterooms: 629
Total crew: 800
Ship length: 236.7 m
Ship beam: 32.1 m
Ship draft: 7.3 m
Tonnage: 66,000
No. of decks: 11
Elevators: 6
Service speed: 20.0 knots
Onboard currency: US Dollar
Registry port:
IMO number: 9438066
Call sign: V7SK2

Build details

Shipyard: Fincantieri Genoa
Build date: March 2009
Build cost:
Entered service: April 2010


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