Saturday, July 4, 2020


    Braemar in Alsten, Norway

    Braemar (Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines)


    Braemar is a smaller sized cruise ship, her design being very sleek, not quite as classical as other Fred Olsen ships, however Braemar was built decades after them. What she lacks in aesthetic appearance (for those who desire traditional cruising vessels) she makes up for in her ‘life on-board’. She has an audience of repeat cruise passengers, and many have indicated their reason for booking a cruise again with Braemar is for the friendliness and opportunity to make new friends once you set sail.

    Braemar has a large open top deck that is quite the ‘sun seeker’ space, it’s good for a stroll. Braemar is, as with other Fred Olsen ships, distinctly British with the décor and trimmings reflecting this as well as the menus. Her passengers are typically British, and retirees, although Braemar above other Olsen ships attracts a slightly broader audience of singles, mature passengers and families.

    Dining aboard Braemar is a mixture of formal and informal, which is perfect for first time cruisers who would like to experience both the traditional style of cruising amid a more relaxed “eat when you want” atmosphere.

    The menu options are relatively small in the main restaurants (Thistle and Grampian), although perfectly prepared to a high standard and featuring some good old British classics such as Toad in the Hole, Grilled Salmon and Classic Sherry Trifle. There are plenty of places to eat in an informal setting whenever you please for example the Palms café, which is more than worth a visit with its wonderfully large windows.

    As with other Olsen ships make sure to visit The Observatory for the best views and vantage point from the ship. The Observatory has a very relaxed atmosphere thanks to the resident pianist, with a very light, bright and airy atmosphere. Staterooms are very comfortable and modern, with clean and tidy fittings, the décor is generally light and bright, which seems to be a running theme throughout the ship, the sense of air and relaxation.

    There is plenty of exercise space aboard Braemar, and she comes with a gymnasium fully equipped. The Marquee Deck is good for a stroll providing the weather is good. Once you are done exercising you’ll most likely head to the Atlantis Spa, on-board therapists will make you unwind (that is after all their job) and pamper you into a state of pure relaxation.


    Braemar, Scotland is the second coldest low-lying space in the United Kingdom with an average temperature of just 6.8 degrees Celsius.
    Twice Breamar has entered the UK Weather records as having the coldest temperature in the UK recorded at -27.2 degrees Celsius.
    Contradicting then that Braemar (ship) is widely considered as having the warmest, friendliest atmosphere in the Fred Olsen fleet. On-board temperatures do not come close to the subartic temperatures experienced by the Scottish village of Braemar,… Unless of course, you are standing in one of the ships fridges.

    Ship info

    Cruise Line:Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
    Status:In service
    Ship size:Small ship
    Ship class:Unknown/One off
    Sister ships: None
    Total crew:371
    Ship length:195.9 m
    Ship beam:22.5 m
    Ship draft:5.5 m
    No. of decks:7
    Service speed:17.0 knots
    Onboard currency:British Pound
    Registry port:Nassau (Bahamas)
    IMO number:7218395
    Call sign:C6VA3

    Build details

    Build date:1973
    Build cost:Approx £22.5 million GBP
    Entered service:1975