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    P&O Cruises Azura

    Azura (P&O Cruises)


    Azura is the second largest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet, she is a Grand class ship specifically built for P&O Cruises. Azura appeals to retirees the traditional P&O cruiser, whereas her sister ship Ventura receives a far more family orientated and youthful clientele of passenger. That is not to say that Azura cannot accommodate family-cruising she is more than equipped to cater for children with many activities and playrooms, as well as family orientated excursions.

    On-board Azura has over 7000 works of art – and comes complete with an art gallery to relax and inspire you. Her interior is modern and stylish with an overall spacious atmosphere (especially in The Retreat). The Manhattan bar is decadent and with enough gold-trim to make Midas smile.

    The centre-piece for Azura is her atrium, described by professional cruise critic Douglas Ward as a “town centre at sea”. The atrium has all major facilities in one central location enabling you to easily make friends or bump into other cruise passengers whilst visiting the library, doing a spot of shopping or relaxing at one of the cafes with a nice cup of tea.

    Staterooms range in amenities, having a balcony or window, or not, etc. All come with a flat-screen TV and are reasonably spacious as well as comfortable.

    Dining aboard the Azura is a mixture of traditional British dishes with some Indian flair. Pay a visit to the Sindhu restaurant overseen by Michelin-star chef Atul Kochhar for a made to order curry dish. Visit the Glass House created by TV wine aficionado Olly Smith and take part in a wine tasting session as well as dishes and wines specially selected to complement each other.

    The Planet Bar is a sleek and polished bar with a large and mesmerising aquarium, but for a real taste of home you’ll be heading to Brodie’s, an English style pub at sea.


    Azura is the first of the P&O fleet able to show movies and programmes outside on its enormous “SeaScreen”. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon sunbathing whilst enjoying a film, or wait until the evening (visibility is better) and enjoy a movie under the starry sky, how romantic, even if you are single.

    Ship info

    Cruise Line:P&O Cruises
    Status:In service
    Ship size:Resort Ship
    Ship class:Princess
    Sister ships: None
    Total crew:1,226
    Ship length:290.0 m
    Ship beam:36.0 m
    Ship draft:8.0 m
    No. of decks:14
    Service speed:22.0 knots
    Onboard currency:British Pound
    Registry port:Hamilton (Bermuda)
    IMO number:9424883
    Call sign:ZCEE2

    Build details

    Build date:October 2008
    Build cost:Approx £500 million GBP
    Entered service:April 2010

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