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Princess Cruises to film new six-part documentary

Princess Cruises are set to film a new six-part documentary for ITV in 2016.

Starring the 3,560 passenger¬†Regal Princess, the documentary will air over six parts on ITV. “The Cruise” as it will be called will offer a fly-on-the-wall look at life on board the ship as it navigates on cruises throughout Northern Europe and the Baltics.

Produced by UK production company, Wild Pictures – the series will cover the day in the lives of the 1,400 crew circulating through all the common departments such as hotels, kitchens and the bridge crew.

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises

The news was formally announced last night by Tony Roberts, Princess Cruises’ Vice President UK and Europe at an event to celebrate Princess Cruises’ 50th anniversary.

We are delighted to take centre stage for this major new documentary. It was fantastic to have every aspect of life on a modern cruise ship captured on film, from behind the scenes with the crew, on stage with the dancers and on deck with the ship’s guests. We’re so proud of our ship and crew and we can’t wait for television views to see why – Tony Roberts

The Cruise is set to air in March 2016. Follow our twitter feed and we’ll announce the exact dates it’ll be airing nearer the time.

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