Celebrity Infinity

CRUNCH! Celebrity Infinity slams into Ketchikan Dock

High gusts of wind were to blame

Celebrity Cruises ship Celebrity Infinity crashed into a pier at the Alaskan port of Ketchikan on Friday afternoon. Video of the incident, captured by another ship at the port shows the ship slowly coming closer and closer to the pier before pushing into it and scraping the side of the ship.

Although the bow thrusters can be seen in action during the video, high gusts of winds (reported at the time of reaching 45-miles per hour) push the stern and the rest of the ship against the pier. The result is a nasty scrape down the side of the ship and one of the pier gangways falls completely into the water.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported or any pollution from the incident. This goes to show why a Captain and Bridge Team on cruise ships often cancel port calls in high winds – for the safety of the ship, its passengers AND the port!

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