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    MSC Cruises
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    MSC Cruises

    Quick info
    [list style=”arrow-right”] [su_li]Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland[/su_li] [su_li]Founded: 1960[/su_li] [li]Ships: 17[/li] [li]Type: Ocean cruises[/li] [li]Style: Contemporary[/li] [li]Website: http://www.msccruises.com/[/li] [/list]
    MSC Cruises

    General information

    MSC Cruises was founded in Naples, Italy in 1960 but moved headquarters to Geneva, Switzerland. It is the world’s largest privately owned cruise company, with over 16,300 staff worldwide – making it currently the fourth largest cruise line in the world. MSC Cruises is also part of the world’s second-largest container shipping company – Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a name you will see at every port around the world and on the side of many container ships (471 to be precise!)

    The fleet currently consists of seventeen ships, with a further ten on order. This gives them a combined total of approximately 45,629 berths available for passengers.

    Having such a large fleet of ships enables MSC Cruises to operate in most regions around the world.

    Currently, they concentrate on the West and East Mediterranean and Northern Europe – however, they also operate some cruises around the Caribbean in the winter and South Africa. Their new ships will add itineraries around Asia and Australasia.

    MSC Cruises offers over 2,000 excursions and custom tours of 190 destinations in 73 countries worldwide.

    We live-blogged a two-week voyage on MSC Magnifica in May 2018 and produced a number of guides.

    In detail

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    Who is it for?

    Families, couples and single travellers. Lots of dining choices.
    Expedition or adventurer cruisers. Small ship lovers.