West Mediterranean Destinations

Jealous of its independence and proud of its origins, Corsica will be inhabited by those who adore the wild beauty of its rough scenery. Within the seventeenth century, the Genoese made this their outpost upon their trade route; their presence within Corsica was so substantial that within a few portions of the island a dialect will be spoken which is associated with this old Genoese dialect.

‘Mount of Tariq’ includes the initial Arabic name for Gibraltar, currently a British Dependent Territory, well-known within ancient periods as ‘Land’s End.’ Most of the population – Arabs, Maltese, Moroccans, and Spanish – is employed within tourism, the solidarity of the area economy. Moorish Castle that dominates this city as well as Saint Michael’s Cave will be worth seeing.

Maltese Archipelago comprised of Gozo, Malta, and the tiny Comino island is situated in the centre of great currents, in between the coast of Sicily and North Africa. Greeks believed that the sun-blessed attraction was of a divine origin. Order of Knights of Malta, the oldest institution of the Middle Ages left vital architectural and artistic remains upon the island.

Think about the vividness of the shades, red and yellow, the area pride and intensity of a culture which, at one time, experienced the wonder of locating faraway lands: Spain includes all of this and more. Hospitality, passion, culture and an incredible sense of understanding how you can have a great time: all Spanish cities, upon the coasts or upon the islands, inland or within the middle of this country, offer a really thrilling and unique experience.

The intriguing cultural Tunisia make-up includes the product of a lengthy history of domination: French, Ottomans, Arabs, Byzantines, Vandals, Romans and Phoenicians all left a mark upon the country, that’s a gateway to the Sahara. Its gorgeous beaches, as well as archaeological sites each year attract people from all across the world, amazed by the beautiful scenery and hospitality of the inhabitants.

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