North American Destinations

From San Diego on the West Coast to Seattle, and from Miami on the East coast to Boston, many cruises begin and end in fascinating ports all across the US. No matter where the cruise may eventually take you – through the Atlantic Ocean, toward the Mexican Riviera or surrounding the Caribbean islands – think about booking 1 or 2 nights extra after or before the cruise to journey to the attraction-filled ports of call in the US.

Whether you’ve always wished to walk Hollywood’s famed Walk of Fame within Los Angeles, tour huge plantations within Charleston, go up the Empire State Building within New York or dine at a crab house within Baltimore, you could appreciate those thrilling excursions after or before your following cruise.

Two states have their own cruises, of course: Hawaii and Alaska. Both of these states provide passengers a chance to see some amazing scenery: floating icebergs, clear-blue glaciers, dense forest, as well as snow-capped mountainous peaks within Alaska, and green rainforest, drastic cliffs, blond beaches and swaying palm trees within Alaska. Whether you wish for a steamy tropical cruise or ice-filled, rugged itinerary, you do not need to leave the US to experience it!

Click on a port link below to view more information including maps, photos and guides to the area.

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