South Pacific Destinations

Islands clad within emerald green call you from across the sea. The names, by themselves, filled up with romance. Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti draw images of soft-sand beaches that are lined with palm trees. It’s possible to linger in the sunshine, go shopping, snorkelling and golfing. The adventures will be as varied as the setting is amazing. That is what paradise should be about.

It isn’t shocking that Tahiti, the biggest of the Society Islands, has attracted the attention of scientists, explorers, and additional luminaries that took the arduous exploration to heed its call. However, travellers today do not have to spend months at sea to enter Papeete, the French Polynesia’s capital. One thing you will see includes the vibrantly painted jitney buses referred to as ‘Le Truck’ that careen all through town. An additional one includes Marche’ Papeete, that’s overflowing with fresh flowers and fruits. And finally, the inhabitants, that display warmth which is purely natural and unfeigned.

Your initial view of Moorea will be from Tahiti, that’s like being inside paradise and viewing the Garden of Eden waving at you upon the horizon. Witnessed from across the illuminating Sea of the Moon, its rough peaks, cloaked in lush green and surrounded by azure, include everyone’s Polynesian dream.

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