South American Destinations

This colourful continent blends Latin American flare with every bit of the cosiness of the Caribbean. It is modern, historic, sexy, exotic and colourful, simultaneously. It is mysterious. It is amazing. It is a journey.

From seductive and sultry Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the amazing secrets of Machu Picchu within Peru, South America provides interesting lands of natural beauty, culture, and nostalgia. The ones who come to the brave continent will possess an opportunity to explore and discover the cascading Iguazu Falls within the Argentina jungles, the breathtaking old-world Montevideo, Uruguay architecture, the pristine lakes, as well as snow-capped Puerto Montt, Chile volcanoes and Rio’s Brazilian beaches.

The climate within South America is similar to North America’s seasons, placing the continents peak summertime months within the center of Northern winters. Though cruises toward South America will be provided from October to April, peak season will be reached within the months of February, January and December.

Usually the cruises will sail from Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, as well as Buenos Aires, yet a few depart from Fort Lauderdale, New York and San Diego, too. Besides the conventional stops which are really upon South American land, the ships sail around this continent, involving the top of Cape Horn, oftentimes calling in Antarctica and the Falkland Islands and stops within Costa Rica and Mexico. The thrilling journey could last anywhere from thirteen to forty days, and typically attracts passengers who have an appetite for education and adventure. Many cruise lines additionally provide post- and pre-cruise packages as well as overnight stays within a few South American port cities.

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