Central America Destinations

Central America travel could be active and adventurous, and culturally interesting. Tour guides could make a destination come to life. If you enjoy an adventure, most Central America packages involve active excursions such as kayaking and hiking.

Incredible natural sights are aplenty upon Central American vacations. Within Costa Rica, volcanoes contrast with jungles, forests, and coastal beaches upon Central America itineraries of travel. Guatemala, an additional country explored upon such vacations, possesses the incredibly deep Lake Atitlan, that has a depth measuring around 900 ft. Such vacations which involve Panama may visit the Gamboa rainforest, with the rainforest’s rivers, lakes, rich wildlife and nature trails. Lastly, the Honduras beaches add a tropical touch to the Central America tours.

As the natural scenes of Central America travel includes nothing short of incredible, you will additionally visit man-made marvels such as the Panama Canal. Or, such vacations may take you toward the Vanderbilt Trails within Nicaragua, a site of the initial attempted canal throughout Central America. Besides the crystal blue waters, Honduras additionally provides tours of numerous pyramids, temples, and statues to explore. Upon such vacation packages which involve Guatemala, you may visit a mesmerizing ceremony in the Santo Tomas Church, a 400-yr.-old church within Chichicastenango.

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