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The Baltic Sea is known for its clean water, natural beauty, and safe environment. The Baltic Sea links 9 countries and makes the region a fascinating and diversified travel destination. The area invites tourists to find the coastal strips with sandy white beaches, gorgeous fishermen’s villages and seaside resorts, as well as to explore the inside land with rich cultural heritages, unspoiled nature, and vibrant villages and cities.

The Baltic Sea is linked with only the Atlantic by the straits of Kattegat and Skagerrak. That is why it is thought to be the largest brackish water sea (salinity 0.1 – 1%) upon the earth. The region of the sea is around 413,000 sq. km and its deepest point will be at the level of 459 m. It was formed over 12,000 years before as the last ice age finished. Scientists believe that it formed the coastal relief around 2,500 years before and since then it hasn’t changed much.

Due to this type of origination you could discover here extremely diverse coastal forms. Particularly deeply divided includes the front Baltic Sea with Danish islands and southern (German) Baltic coast up toward Oder estuary. The largest islands include the Danish islands involving Wollin (Poland), Usedom (Poland, Germany), Fehmarn (Germany), Rugen, Hiiumaa and Saarema (Estonia), Oland and Gotland (Sweden), and Bornholm.

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