Asia and Orient Destinations

It’s an adventure which surpasses all fairy tales. Long ago, a Venetian merchant, Marco Polo explored Asia, following caravan routes, as well as the Silk Road to a mythical kingdom of Kublai Khan. Polo visited great capitals, with untold treasures in silks and jewels, ivory and spices. But, what impressed Marco the most included the great religions and civilizations he witnessed, already ancient as Christianity emerged.

Asia is as much a land of superlatives these days: the biggest continent, the longest coastline and tallest mountains, the most wildly variety of animals and plants, and 3/5 of the globe’s population. The riches of Taipei, Singapore and Hong Kong defy description. Plus the Orient’s cultural bounty is limitless. Wandering amongst jungle temples within Thailand, viewing the mesmeric grace of the Japanese tea ceremony; or Indian shadow theatre; seeing the mystical gaze of a Sphinx, or gazing within the old, wise eyes of Buddha within Vietnam, a country newly available to the West… every scene includes a window upon the Asian Soul.

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